This bag is made of full grain leather, which refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide. The grain remains allowing high fiber strength and the most durability of all leathers.  The grain also has breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Rather than wearing out, it develops a patina during its expected used lifetime.

Care: For light colors

To remove surface dirt we recommend using otter wax saddle soap, by using a wet damp cloth and washing the whole bag with the soap. After it dries take a damp cloth to remove the saddle soap and let dry. It will change color when it is wet, but will dry its original color.  We can also recommend that for less maintenance when buying a lighter color, you can purchase a full-grain leather spray sold at any high-end shoe store. That will protect it. We do not believe in using chemicals and we have been in search of an all-natural protective spray. 

Otter wax is just about to launch a full grain leather spray and will be available on our website for sale along with the saddle soap and leather salve. 

 Many of our customers have used this and everyone has had a positive experience. We use the leather we use because we love the naturalness, the natural imperfections, the durability, and the patina it forms after time.  We understand the lighter colors can get dirty, but if cared for doing the above you will have a beautiful bag for a very long time. 


For darker colors

We recommend Otter wax Leather Salve, once a year to condition your bag; it will create a beautiful patina over time. 


We also Guarantee our bags, which includes any free repairs over the life of the bag, this is only for any repairs that are due to the making of the bag, including any stitching issues etc., basic wear and tear is not included,


We also offer a service to clean your bag for you at out studio for the lifetime of the bag; our cleaning fee is $40 plus shipping.  This includes a full cleaning and conditioning a three-day process. 


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